In which I am not surprised it took me this long to do a first post…

Well, here we are. Darn near a month after starting my blog and I haven’t posted at all. But that all changes today, folks! Because here I am, posting things.

First, a bit of an introduction.

My name is Kibby and I am a bookaholic. I like reading books, sure. But I also love looking at them, photographing them, buying them in excess, and talking about them whenever humanly possible. I eventually found my way to #bookstagram, where I truly found my book people.

However, Instagram has a 2,200-character limit on captions, and as you’ll soon learn, I am wordy AF. If something can be said in 10 words, I’ll say it in 30 and probably go off on at least one tangent. Though, if I’m in a bad mood I communicate through glares and pointed silence. It’s all about balance with me. All of this is to say, I decided to start a blog to accommodate my desire for more space for my words.

So, what am I planning to do with this unlimited space for my wordiness? Reviews mostly, specifically reviews of Science Fiction and Fantasy books. A majority will be written reviews, but I’m hoping to do some audio reviews. Think of a quick rambling review, like how you’d do a review/recommendation to a friend or someone on the street who asked about a book you are reading. Side note: why don’t more random people who talk to me in public ask about books? I’m much more likely to converse if it’s about books.

Along with reviews, I am also hoping to help promote new books that fall into my preferred genres. My blog is small right now, but I have an ever growing #bookstagram account and I’ll be doing reviews/promotions tag team style with that account. I’ll be posting information about how I’ll take review requests, should any every come my way, in the near future. All I know is that right now I’m only taking SF/F books.

For good measure, there will also be random posts about Doctor Who (Where my Whovians at??), whatever TV show I am obsessing about, maybe some WIP snippets, and anything else I think may be interesting.

TL;DR: Basically, I’m Kibby. I like books. I’m going to talk about books. Maybe I can read your book. Books.

Until next time, which I swear will be sooner rather than later, I wish you a fantastic day and fantastic reading!

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