Top Three Thursday: Classics!

Unbeknownst to me, today is Thursday. I went through most of today, convinced it was Wednesday and honestly I was so happy when I realized I was wrong. Not only does Thursday mean I am one day closer to the work week being over, but it means I can do Top Three Thursday, hosted by A Cosy Reading Blog. This week’s topic: Classics!

I shall confess, I don’t read nearly enough classics. It takes the exact right mood for me to get into a classic novel and not surprisingly, a grumpy broody character is a requirement.

  • North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell – I cannot begin to describe how much I love this book. Though my introduction to the story was through the BBC miniseries starring my favorite brooder, Richard Armitage. I first watched it about six years ago, one morning when I was so painfully hungover that I could barely move. As I slowly came back to life, this story worked its way into my heart. I read the book not long after and I realized that Pride and Prejudice had been knocked out of top spot in my classics list. I’ll take a Mr. Thornton over Mr. Darcy any day.

Oh, hello Mr. Thornton!

  • Emma by Jane Austen –  Again, another one that I watched before I read. As much as I dislike Gwyneth Paltrow these days, I can admit with zero shame that I was OBSESSED the Emma movie when I was a young teen. It had a lot to do with Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightley (I am forever swooning over Knightley). I read the book in high school and was all about it. And then a few years ago I found the BBC miniseries of Emma and Jonny Lee Miller was Mr. Knightley and I about died. I recently got the Audible Originals edition of Emma and I am very excited to reread this book.

Why do I have an obsession with British characters who look socially uncomfortable?

  • Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien – LOTR IS A CLASSIC, FIGHT ME! Actually, don’t fight me please. I am but a meek Hufflepuff hobbit who wishes only for baked goods and for everyone to get along. And as I’m writing this I am realizing this is ANOTHER one that I watched before I read. Maybe that’s the key for me to liking classics. But I saw The Fellowship when it came out in theaters (YES I’M OLD) and then immediately went and bought the book. But I didn’t like it. I got like 100 pages in and was just over it. But I wasn’t into epic fantasy books at that time in my life and it just didn’t work for me. After many years of watching the movies so often that I can quote them in my sleep, I finally tried the books again and fell in love. I’m actually supposed to be starting an annotating reread of The Hobbit and LOTR soon. If I’m honestly, I’ve been meaning to start that reread since April.

But seriously, what about second breakfast?

Do you read classics? Do you have any favorites? Or do you have any favorite TV series or movies based on classics?

6 thoughts on “Top Three Thursday: Classics!

  1. I just started on North and South! I think I will like this book very much! And I can’t wait to see the mini series!
    I have only seen LOTR and The Hobbit but I will have to read them one day. (They are not that long are they?)
    This summer I tried and failed to read Far From The Madding Crowd By Thomas Hardy. I loved the film but I never got into the book. I will have to try again sometime 😉

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  2. I will let you have Mr. Thornton (although sadly, because man is HOT and BROODING) if I can have Johnny Lee Miller’s Mr. Knightley. The BBC miniseries adaptation is the best Emma I’ve ever seen and that will be my opinion until I die. That moment when Emma says she’s found out his secret and he’s like *she knows* *I know she knows* *ohmygodwhatdoidomygod* *I’m so freaking in love with her* *Emma I love you can I just go ahead and kiss you now or* *oh…she meant dancing* Sigh. And yes, LOTR is totally a classic. It fulfills all the classic requirements, but skips the one about being old and boring!


  3. I will give you Mr. Thornton (reluctantly because man is BROODING and HOT) if you will let me have Johnny Lee Miller’s Mr. Knightley. The BBC miniseries is the best Emma adaptation ever and I will take that opinion to my grave. That moment when Emma says she knows his secret and hes like *0000* *she knows* *ohmygodsheknows* *Emma I love you* *can I just kiss you right now or* *oh* *she meant the dancing* *oh*. Just…sigh. And LOTR is totally a classic. It meets all the requirements except for the one about old classics being boring.


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