Book Review: Descendents of War: Magic’s Demise


Descendents of War: Magic’s Demise
Author: Ruby Fitzgerald
Release Date: June 26, 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 2.5 stars
Goodreads Synopsis:Magic’s Demise’ is the first in the ‘Descendants of War’ series. The novel is a fantasy that embodies depression. 

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients bestowed the Nine Energies of Magic to certain humans known as Descendants. When Aurora, briefly in possession of all Nine Energies, defeated King Zagan during the Battle of Venom, peace returned to the war-torn queendom of Thurnadan. However, a new adversary has emerged: The Jinx. Far more threatening than Zagan and his army, The Jinx is a disease with a one hundred percent mortality rate. The race to find a cure is on; it is only a matter of time before the disease mutates and becomes capable of killing every living thing in its path. Terror spreads. The Jinx seems to be unstoppable, especially when fate rests in the hands of the disheartened. A disturbing Seer’s vision and long-neglected maps are the only guidance the people of Thurnadan have in their frantic search for a cure. Turning to lore of the Ancients for answers, a dark Prophecy threatening the end of mankind’s reign is discovered, but a sliver of hope is also found within its riddle of verses. Do the Ancients still live? Will the disease mutate and grow more powerful? And how much time does the queendom have before all are certain to perish?

Thank you to the author and publisher for providing me with a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own and are not influenced in any way.

I wanted to like this book so much. It had everything I needed in the synopsis: an interesting magic system, a queendom, a magical disease, and journey to find the cure. For me, it never really came together. There are numerous POVs and the voice never really changes between them, which made it very hard to connect with any characters and to know who I was with at the time. I thought the story was good and intriguing, but it felt rushed at times and I got tangled in all the prophecies. I think one of the problems is that Magic’s Demise is kind of a second book. I was not aware of this and felt like I was missing a layer of background that could have helped me get into the world a little better.

One thing I will say is that I liked is the way the author writes the characters as manifestations of depression. Though I wasn’t able to connect with any of the characters, as some who suffers from depression, anxiety, and addiction, I appreciate the thought that went behind this characterization.

I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers. I don’t think it was a bad book, I just don’t think it was for me.

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