Book Review: A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe

A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe
Author: Alex White
Release Date: June 26, 2018
Publisher: Orbit
Rating: 4.5 stars

“Do you miss Firefly? Do you want it back? Well, sorry, not gonna happen. But this book is damn close”

Look, if you throw an author blurb on a book that contains a Firefly comparison, I will 100% buy it. But sometimes comparisons like this can really hurt a book because it leads to certain expectations. Even with the high praise from two sci fi readers I admire (Delara and Holly), I was worried Big Ship might not click for me.

And as usual for my worrying, it was all for naught.

A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe is bordering on ridiculous with how much fun it is. White deftly brings together a rag tag crew of characters that crashed their way straight into my heart. My fear of expectations brought on by pop culture comparisons is that I will spend my time searching for replacements for my beloved characters. Luckily, I was able to keep myself from doing that in Big Ship because all the characters here were awesome in their own rights. Though some were more developed than others, each had their own identities and eccentricities that I grew to love.

My one and only issue with the book was the magic system. I could not for the life of me get a grasp on it. Now, this could be partially my fault since I read the first 40 pages of Big Ship and then didn’t come back to the book for a month. And while I found the idea of the magic in this book beyond cool, I couldn’t tell you how any of it worked. So, whether this was a writing issue or a me issue, it is only complaint I had about the book. Everything else kicks so much ass.

This is the kind of book that reminds me why I love Science Fiction so much. It had fantastical worlds that were built before my eyes in the writing. It had characters that made me chuckle and then audibly gasp when they died. It had space battles and shadowy evil collations and a space ship with an awesome name. And at the center of it all, was a story that was perfectly rooted in humanity, yet encased with the wild and wonderful things authors can create in the realm of SFF.

Considering how this one ended, I cannot wait to start the second book in the series, A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy.

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