Friday Favorites: Teacher/Mentor Characters

Hello, hello and welcome to another Friday Favorites! This week’s topic is Teacher/Mentor Characters. This is one of those topics that I know I’m going to realize like five other characters I want to add to the list after I post this. I love teacher/mentor characters but I also have a garbage memory, so the fact I could think of six is a darn miracle.

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Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter

Professor McGonagall is the teacher I wish I’d had at some point in my academic career. She is snarky AF, fierce AF, and 100% would have kicked my ass into line. It doesn’t hurt that she was portrayed in the movies by Maggie Smith who is one of my favorite actresses (can I also mention how amazing she is as the Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey?). If Rowling had killed McGonagall, I would have rioted. As much as I dislike all the additions to the HP universe, I wouldn’t be against a McGonagall origin story.

Mercurio and Chronicler Aelius from Nevernight

Mercurio is that grumpy, verging on cruel, mentor character that I love. For some reasons I love tough love in a book (but not real life…I’ll start crying if someone barely raises their voice to me. I’m the worst.) and Mercurio definitely deals some tough love to Mia. Chronicler Aelius is actually the character that inspired this prompt for me. I don’t know what it is about librarian characters that just always stand out to me. The Chronicler always seems to have a wise word and a good smoke for Mia.

Jeremy Danvers from Bitten

As an Alpha werewolf in Bitten, Jeremy Danvers is both mentor and teacher to many characters in the book. I will be 100% honest with you and admit that I originally thought of Jeremy for this list purely because I have such a book crush on him. But I confirmed with my resident Kelley Armstrong fan over on #bookstagram that Jeremy definitely fits the bill for this topic.

Kelsier from Mistborn

*sigh* Oh, Kelsier. He was just a man, but oh what a man he was. He is not only the lead of the crew tasked with killing a god, but he teaches our main girl, Vin, how to be a kick ass Mistborn. Kel could give Kaz Brekker a run for his money with plots behind plots. While Kel is a fantastic leader of men, he really shines as the teacher to Vin. He teaches her so much, not just about her Mistborn powers, but how to trust and become comfortable in herself.

Numair and the Badger God from The Immortals Quartet

I feel the need to admit that this is kind of a hot for teacher entry for Numair. He was one of my first book boyfriends. All powerful mage with a mysterious past and a bit of a reputation for being a ladies man? Yeah, sign me the heck up. And I couldn’t not include the Badger God, because he is a grumpy god and a badger. Basically a grumpy Hufflepuff, like me.

Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Okay, yeah, sure…Giles is technically from a TV series, but there are books based on the show and that’s the loophole I’m jumping into so I can feature one of my favorite characters of all time. Giles deals with a lot of shit from the Scoobies and reacts with anything from genuine, caring wisdom to scathing snark. He’s got a dark, mysterious past and a great signing voice. And I’m starting to realize I’m just focusing on all the things that make me have a crush on him instead of how awesome he is a as a mentor and teacher to Buffy and the Scoobies. I’m pretty sure that if Giles hadn’t been around, Sunnydale would have fallen to one of the many apocalypses.

And for good measure, here are some extra Giles gifs because I couldn’t choose my favorite:

So, there is my list of favorites for the week! Do you have any beloved teacher/mentor characters?

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19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Teacher/Mentor Characters

  1. I went from ‘omg, Kelsier!’ ❤ to 'OMG, NUMAIR' ❤ ❤ ❤ I know the age difference is a bit, um, problematic? but I shipped it and don't even care. I read the Wild Magic books as an impressionable young thing and self-inserted so hard, I was crushing on Numair the whole time and when they actually became canon, IT BLEW MY MIND.

    it's funny there was a time when a LOT of fantasy books had young magical proteges ending up with their mentors! that was a legit sub-genre, lol. and these days it's more age-appropriate, and I sigh in disappointment because I still dig the mentor/protege dynamic, haha


    • Yeah, when I read The Immortals back when I was a teen I did the same thing with Numair, lol! I just recently reread the books via audio and I was like “Daine is so young. SO YOUNG! I should not be okay with this!” I’m going to have to go research some of these books with mentor/protege dynamics because I dig that dynamic as well. Do you have any recommendations?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t read the series in YEARS, so I wonder if it would bother me now…I think I’ll keep my rose-colored glasses on and work on the books I HAVEN’T read before!

        an older series that I read back in the day was The Books of Pellinor by Alison Croggon starting with The Naming. warning – I just looked at the last book to make sure my recollection was correct (because sometimes I ship hardcore and it’s just wishful thinking!) and a complaint from a reader was that the mentor/protege get together but right on the last page. from what I remember, that didn’t bother me because the books built up their dynamic beautifully and I was really invested in them, so knowing they got together was enough. plus there’s a novella after the series showing their relationship, but I just wanted to make sure you know going in that it’s not going to be explicitly romantic. and that was fine with me because although I LOVE this trope, sometimes the couple gets together way too quickly and I’m like??? you need to show that they become equals and that it’s not the older character taking advantage of the younger??? if it seems like the mentor is just in it for sexytiems and there’s not a solid bond of trust and respect and often saving each other’s lives, then I’m a bit more iffy

        you probably already know of Rose/Dimitri from Vampire Academy…a more recent 2018 book was The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross which I looooved because it was a throwback to the classic fantasy novels I was addicted to and it finally brought back the mentor/protege romance I’ve been craving, hehe

        Seventh Born by Monica Sanz is another 2018 book with that trope, I didn’t LOVE it, but enjoyed it overall

        umm, I’m drawing a blank now! I’ll let you know if any more come to mind. if you have any faves, please rec me as well!

        PS. oh wait, a list I quickly googled says that Uprooted by Naomi Novik would fit – I didn’t finish that, so can’t offer an opinion on quality. also Master of Crows by Grace Draven is really good, though the female character is a bit older than the others I’ve talked about so far


  2. Here, Here!! Love Minerva. She is such a brilliant teacher. Maggie gives me chills during the Battle of Hogwarts. So good! Giles is fantastic too! I am on Season 3 where he is not currently a “Watcher” and that other guy is. That guy is terrible. I am also waiting for someone to kill Faith off too.


    • OMG, I had actually meant to include a gif of McGonagall when she uses the spell to animate the soldiers of the castle and she turns to Molly and says, with childlike glee “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!” I love that moment so much. SHE IS SO GOOD!

      Is this your first time watching Buffy???? Also, Wesley is kind of the worst in season 3, lol!


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