Friday Favorites: TV Shows to watch when not reading

Here’s the deal: sometimes I can’t read. Sometimes I am too stressed or depressed or tired or whatever to focus on books. That’s when I turn to my TV. As much as I love books and reading, TV is really my happy place. It gives me the ability to disconnect and escape in a much easier way than books and sometimes that’s just what I need.

So, here’s my (shortened) list of favorite TV shows:

Top Gear – I can’t begin to truly describe why I love this show as much as I do. I remember when I first heard of Top Gear I thought it was the lamest thing. Who wants to listen to three old British dudes talk about cars? And then I watched it. Now I can word for word quotes many of the episodes and whenever I am feeling sad and need a laugh I know exactly where I’ll turn to.

Great British Bake Off – This is the show I watch when I hate the world because it reminds me that there is good out there. And that goodness comes in the form of baking innuendos and good bakes. This was another one of those shows that I thought was ridiculous at first. What is so interesting about watching British people crouching in front of their ovens? But this show is everything good and pure in the world. The bakers help each other, everyone hugs and cries when someone leaves, and there is never any of the “I’m not here to make friends” bullshit that plagues US cooking competitions shows. I straight up sob when they do the “what the bakers have been up to” montage because they are always doing awesome things and having get togethers with each other.

Doctor Who – Yes, one of my happy time shows Doctor Who, which is well known for some of the most emotionally traumatic moments in TV history (at least in my opinion). I used to specifically make my friends watch the Doomsday episodes on the morning after my birthday when we were hungover and consuming copious amounts of greasy breakfast food. But even though the Doctor can bring the pain, he can also bring the joy. The snark, the wondrous joy of space exploration, the friendships. Doctor Who has been a FANTASTIC part of my life for a decade. (side note: if you need a scene to make you chuckle immediately go look up “The Unicorn and the Wasp – Harvey Wallbanger Detox scene” on YouTube)

Psych – If you need a show that is part cop procedural and part ridiculous chaos then look no further than Psych. I randomly started watching this brilliant show a few years back and I’ve now probably watched each season at least 3 or 4 times (with the exception of the last season). The sense of humor balances perfectly with the few moments of drama. I have never watched this show and not ended up with a smile on my face.

Cutthroat Kitchen – I love evil Alton Brown SO MUCH. He is such a ridiculously smart man and he has snark for daaaaaaaaaaaays. My old roommate and I used to watch this all the time and it makes me happy just thinking about it. I was forlorn for a while because I thought I couldn’t watch it anymore but I found out it is streaming on Hulu, so now I know what I’m doing when I’m done with my Game of Thrones rewatch…

Anything from Whedonverse– I’m talking Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. All wonderful. All brilliant. All perfectly capable of making me smile AND ripping my heart out (sometimes at the same time). Even though Firefly and Dr. Horrible are at the top of my Whedon list, it all started with Buffy for me. I wouldn’t be the nerd I am without Whedonverse and I will always be grateful to these shows.

I really could go on with this list for ages but I have a very long day of work ahead of me (as I type this it is Thursday night) and it is waaaaaay past my bed time.

What TV shows do you love to watching when you aren’t reading?

And don’t forget to drop a link in the comments to your Friday Favorites post!

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16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: TV Shows to watch when not reading

  1. Oliver the happy car! Ahh, I’m full of squee.

    And Dollhouse is CRIMINALLY underrated in the Whedonverse! The whole thing is so cool. Of course they would cancel it *rolls eyes*.


    • ahahaha, how could you forget about the gloriousness that is Shawn and Gus and their shenanigans???? (joking! with my garbage memory I can hardly give anyone grief over forgetting something) I did see they were doing another movie! I hope Lassiter is in this one a little more. I know the actor had a stroke before the 1st movie was made, but I’m hopeful he can be in the the new one


  2. I loved this post! I am such a TV Nerd too!

    Psych is one of my favorites and I absolutely love its theme song. I was so happy to hear a sequel reunion movie is happening!

    I have too many TV Favorites to list, but here are a few current ones I really like:

    The Goldbergs
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Russian Doll
    Forever on Amazon


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