Friday Favorites: Reading Music

Well, hello there my dear bookish people! This post is coming at you from Emerald City Comic Con! I just finished my first day at the con and it was a blast! The last panel I went to for the day was a sing along for Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and it was AMAZING! Getting to sing along with a whole room full of other fans was awesome and it gives me a great segue into this week’s Friday Favorites topic: Reading Music!

I know that this is a love it or loathe it topic but I LOVE music while I read. I live in a fairly noisy neighborhood and I find the sounds of my neighbors distracting (and highly annoying, but I’ll refrain from a rant).

And quickly, before I dive into my favorite reading music, I wanted to say that since I am at con tomorrow I wont be able to make a link list of any Friday Favorites as early as I normally would. I will definitely pull any Friday Favorites post links that you drop in my comments and make the list at the end of the day when I am home from con. I really appreciate everyone who posts and I try to maintain the link list through the day, but it just wont be possible tomorrow. SORRY!!

Two Steps from Hell, specifically the following albums: Skyworld, Battlecry, Unleashed, and Vanquish – I stumbled upon this group on Pandora about 3 years ago and it was one of the best musical discoveries I’ve had in ages. They are neo classical and TOTALLY EPIC! You’d think they’d only be good for fantasy book reading, but I read the Illuminae Files with Skyworld and Battlecry as my background and it was awesome. I specifically recommend Cannon in D Minor from Battlecry.

Anything by Bear McCreary – Bear McCreary is my favorite. I was first introduced to his work from the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack. He goes from rhythmic drums for battles to heart wrenching violins for emotional scenes with such masterful grace. After BSG, I would start new TV shows and think “Hm, I like this score, I wonder if it’s Bear” and it almost always was. He has also worked on Black Sails, The Walking Dead, Da Vinci’s Demons, Outlander, and many more. His ability to evoke strong emotions pairs well with reading for me. I specifically recommend Roslin and Adama from Battlestar Galatica Season 2 soundtrack.

RetroWave/Outrun playlist on Spotify – I need to say right now that I am so happy I got a Spotify account finally. Their curated playlists are a thing of beauty. The RetroWave/Outrun playlist is synth-y perfection and is awesome for science fiction reading. I specifically recommend Gutterpunk Kids by Sami Matar.

Claissical Noir playlist on Spotify – Hooooooo boy, I love this playlist. Another one that I stumbled upon randomly through Spotify. It is rich and dark and everything I need for reading. I think it pairs better with more in depth fantasy stories, but it really could be good for anything. I specifically recommend They Being Dead Yet Speaketh by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

The Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings soundtracks by Howard Shore – I mean, is there music more perfect for fantasy reading? These soundtracks take you all through Middle Earth, but they blend nicely to whatever story you are reading. I also like the Hobbit soundtracks, but I feel like the LOTR soundtracks just fit reading better. I specifically recommend The Plains of Rohan from the Two Towers soundtrack.

So, do you listen to music when you read? And if yes, what is your favorite music to listen to?

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Reading Music

  1. First of all: SO GLAD YOU’RE HAVING FUN AT EMERALD CON! This is a huge scary step for us anxious introverts and I’m so proud and happy for you.

    Okay. Now that’s out of the way. I truly have no idea what music genre Classical Noir is? And I’d never even heard of Two Steps From Hell or the Retrowave playlist on spotify. This is so fascinating and I must go look this up. It’s pretty safe to say we listen to very different styles! haha.

    my post for you:


    • Thanks! Cons are always fun but also A LOT to take in as an introvert. And my “decompression/recharge” day was ruined by my roommate, so I’m basically dead right now. But this weekend will be full of silence and just me time I hope.

      And Classical Noir and Retrowave were just things I found recently! I don’t really know what to classify either of them as but I love them for reading. And Two Steps From Hell is like my ultimate fantasy reading music. I hope you enjoy it if you check it out!


      • I did go listen to several, especially Victory and Evergreen. And it’s like having your own movie score in the background? Really empowering and pretty badass! haha. I actually loved it and I wasn’t sure I would.


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