Friday Favorite: Plot Twists

Happiest of Fridays, my dear bookish people! Plot twists are what bring us here today. I tend to be completely oblivious when it comes to plot twists, so I am constantly surprised and I kinda love it. There is nothing I love more then a stunning and tragic plot twist.

And before I jump into these twists, please remember that if you have a Friday Favorites post to drop the link in the comments!

Considering the contents of this post I about to yell spoiler warning for the following books: Crown of Midnight, Golden Son, LIFEL1K3, The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, and The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn Era 2).


Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas – Crown of Midnight gets over looked a lot in the Throne of Glass series, but it is honestly my favorite book in the series because of the HEART WRENCHING AND GUT PUNCHING TWISTS! First, Nehemia’s death. O. M. G. This scene is so horrific and so intense. Celaena attacking Chaol and Dorian using his magic to stop her from killing him. SO GOOD. Listing to that scene via audiobook made me cry and gave me chills. And just when you think there can’t possibly be any more emotionally traumatic moments, we get Chaol saying goodbye to Celaena and then finding out who she really is: the lost princess, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. While I predicted the twist of who she was, I love the execution of the reveal. No discussion of territorial Fae bastards will ever change my mind on Crown of Midnight being my favorite of the Throne of Glass Books.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown – Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Pierce Brown.

Brown is a gosh darn evil mastermind and I love him all the more for it. But the ending of Golden Son nearly killed me. I don’t know why I thought there wasn’t going to be something terrible at the end of this book. Like, how did I think for one second that Darrow was going to go to that celebration and everything was going to be just fine? Everything was NOT FINE. Darrow gets betrayed by Roque, Fitchner’s head is in a box, and so many people die. AND THAT’S THE END OF THE BOOK! I read this book BEFORE book 3 was published and let me tell you, the wait for Morning Star was INTENSELY painful. I also read this book before I knew of the wonderful book community on the internet so I had no one to scream about the book with. Lately a lot of my bookish friends have been reading this series and it warms my evil heart to know that others are suffering the emotional trauma that I once went through.

LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff – Another evil mastermind here. Kristoff really likes to make his readers cry and/or scream. While LIFEL1K3 didn’t evoke any tears from me, it did make me scream with that ending! While I called a lot of the twists, the one I didn’t see coming was Evie deciding to go all evil bad ass on us. I read this book in under 24 hours because I just could not put it down. But the moment it was over I put that book in a corner so it could think about what it had done to me. I NEED DEV1AT3 LIKE NOW!

The Cruel Prince/The Wicked King by Holly Black – These books live on the plot twists that happen in the last few pages of each book. Honestly, the characters are the pure definition of hot mess for most of the story, but the endings of each of these books really save them. Don’t get me wrong, I am trash for these books, but perfect they are not. The endings though, oh the endings. The Cruel Prince gave us Jude snaring Carden into a pact and a crown and The Wicked King gave us the wedding/banishment that shook the book world. All I know is The Queen of Nothing has a lot to live up to in the plot twist department.

The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson – Okay, so here’s the thing about this one: I don’t actually remember what the plot twist is…

Yeah, so, I have garbage reading memory. I can literally finish a book, close it, put it back on the shelf, and then not be able to tell you half of what happened in it. I just have a memory of a scene where Waxillium is crying and Steris is trying to comfort him in her own way. I know it’s some big reveal and it was emotionally rough. But I cannot for the life of me really remember what it is. Luckily, I’ll be rereading the books with my Sanderson Sisters soon, so I’ll get to relive the trauma all over again. YAY!

What books have some of your favorite plot twists?

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