March Wrap Up/April TBR

Well this is going to be a quick one because March was a total disaster for me reading wise and I’d quite like to pretend it didn’t happen. But cheers to April being much, much better.

March Wrap Up

What I Read…

Basically nothing. I did read To Best the Boys and I quite enjoyed it. And then I read Never-Contented Things and that was just a disappointment. I’m also currently in the middle of the following books: Skyward, Scythe, Aurora Rising, The Crown’s Fate, Once and Future, and The Fever King. The first three in that list are good, the last three are not so much. I’m hoping to finish Aurora Rising, The Crown’s Fate, Once and Future, and The Fever King by the end of the week (Scythe and Skyward are buddy reads so they take longer).

What I Bought…

Basically everything. I’m pretty sure I acquired 30+ books this month. I know I got at least 22 at Emerald City Comic Con and then I bought at least 6 in a fit of post con blues. I know I got a few others too, because I have zero self control. And of course I didn’t log any of my new purchases into my Goodreads so I could responsibly track them. *sigh* BUT here are some that I am excited about:

  • Wicked Fox by Kat Cho
  • Space Opera by Catherynne Valente
  • Deathless by Catherynne Valente
  • A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy by Alex White
  • Geekerella and The Princecess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston
  • Honor Among Thieves and Honor Bound by Rachel Caine & Anne Aguirre

April TBR

So, my main problem with March was that I was totally unfocused with my reading and it lead to me getting almost nothing read. I am going into April with (hopefully) more intention. I will be finishing up the leftover March books and then be reading the following:

  • Mirage by Somaiya Daud
  • Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston
  • Fire & Heist by Sarah Beth Durst
  • My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows
  • The Confectioner’s Coup and The Confectioner’s Truth by Claire Luana

If I somehow manage to read all of those I’ll be choosing only books published before 2019 as my extras. I desperately need to catch up on my Beat the Backlist challenge.

Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it…

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