Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

Happy Tuesday, my dear bookish people! The theme for today’s Top Ten Tuesday (Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book. So I’ll be hitting you with my top ten book synopsis trigger words/phrases. Basically the words in a synopsis that’ll make me put a book into my cart IMMEDIATELY.

  • Grumpy – Does your book have a grumpy side kick and/or main character? Or even a grumpy pet cat? Then I’m buying it.
  • Assassin – If there are people being paid to kill other people, particularly in a fantasy setting, then I am happy.
  • Magical school/training – I blame Hogwarts for my love of magic schools.
  • Betrayal – Especially if it’s touted as heartbreaking betrayal.
  • Rag tag crew – Or crew of misfits. Or crew thrown together that hates each other. Well, it is usually better written than that in a book synopsis, but you get the point.
  • “Who can they trust?” – I don’t know, but I sure as heck want to find out.
  • Supernatural threat – The Buffy and Supernatural fan girl can’t walk away from books with this.
  • Revenge – Hello, my name is Kibby Montoya. Someone killed your father. And I want to read about it.
  • Tragic – What can I say? I like when a book makes me ugly cry.

What words or phrases make you want to buy a book?

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

  1. *flails* So much yes to this list! I love me some grumpy characters. I love me some assassins, too, especially if they take pride in their work. It’s important to love what you do, you know. Hate-to-love is one of my favorite romance tropes, too, but only when it’s done right. I don’t want the relationship to come easily. It has to be earned, darn it.

    Here’s my TTT post.


  2. Everything about this made me laugh, but Kibby Montoya most of all. Is there such thing as a book with a grumpy assassin being trained in a magical type school, alongside a ragtag crew who are up against a supernatural threat? Now that would be the ultimate Kibby book!

    Oooh, Nevernight might kind of qualify for that? It even has some super tragic betrayals.


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