Friday Favorites: Magic Systems


Well, I originally had an intro that lamented that this was going to be a short post because I had just had my soul sucked forcibly from my body via a Game of Thrones Season 5 recap post. BUT, I somehow managed more words than I thought I could get. YAY! This makes me happy because I love this topic!

As always, drop your links in the comments and I’ll add it to the link list! I’ve been seeing some new blogs joining in and THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!

Allomancy & Feruchemy – The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson has my ALL TIME favorite magic system. I can’t even begin to explain it right now. It’s one of those things that has to be seen for yourself, as it were…that is me telling to you go read Mistborn RIGHT GOSH DARN NOW! FYI: the magic system is decently complex but explained in such a way that a dummy like me was able to understand. Sanderson is a gosh darn wizard.

Small Science – Look, the Grishaverse trilogy by Leigh Bardugo wasn’t my favorite (my heart will always belong to Six of Crows), but I loved the magic system in it. I love magic systems where everyone has a specific type of magic. There’s the Corporalki (magic that affects the living and the dead), Etherealki (elemental magic), and Materialki (magic to like…make stuff?). I probably need to brush up on all the specifics but Bardugo created on fine magic system (which we will soon see on Netflix AND OMG I’M STILL FREAKING OUT ABOUT THAT).

Everything in the Stormlight Archives – Sanderson strikes again with his magic systems. There isn’t just one system in these books, but the one that particularly stands out is Surgebinding. Again, I’m not gonna get into details because Sanderson is the master at complex systems, but Surgebinding in these books leads to many epic things, including one bad ass fight in the skies.

Magic in general in Harry Potter – Look, this one may seem like kind of a cop out, but even though the magic is simple in Harry Potter, there is such a sense of wonder in it and I can’t help but love it. I love the spell names, I love the small spells to do small thing, I love the swish and flick! PLEASE SOMEONE TAKE ME TO HOGWARTS!

Honorable Mention – The Magicians…so, really, I’m going off the TV series here because I can’t remember much about the book (I didn’t like it much but I’m gonna give it another shot since I LOVE the TV series). But the way they cast spells is intensely awesome:

If you aren’t watching this show, you should probably change that.

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Magic Systems

  1. Brandon Sanderson really does create some of the best magic systems. And what I love about Stormlight is that it’s even affected things like the currency – it’s this weird magic that is money but also provides lighting? Love it!

    I really enjoyed the simple magic of TRAIL OF LIGHTNING – certain people among the Navajo have “clan powers,” one each from their mother and father’s tribe respectively. It’s interesting seeing how those powers manifest and represent each clan.


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