Friday Favorites: Thing(s) about being a reader.

Hello all! If the space/time continuum is to be believed, it is Friday! I’m not sure quite how we got here, but here we are. I’ve been suffering a blogging slump lately but I’m actually really excited for this post because I’m about to talk about one of my favorite moments from my reading life.

A few year back, I was very unhappy with my living situation, so most days after work I would go to De Vere’s Irish Pub for dinner. I’d have bangers & mash, a shot of whiskey, a pint of cider, and I’d sit at the bar reading. Who brings a book to a bar? ME. While it may not have been the healthiest way to deal with my terrible living situation, it kept me happy and reading.

This picture pretty much sums up my life of 2017-2018.

I was living in a college town at the time and the bar would often slowly get busier and more crowded as the evening went on. But there I would sit, book in one hand, empty glass in the other. I often wonder what people thought of me as I sat there reading, because I show a lot of emotions on my face and when I am reading I know I can pull some very interesting faces.

But on February 13th, 2017, I had an Experienceβ„’. It was a Monday, which meant it was trivia night. Normally I tried to get out of the bar by 6:30pm on trivia nights because the place would get PACKED. But on this night, I barely noticed the passing of time. I was reading Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel and it had it’s robot hands firmly embedded in my soul.

My very unaesthetic bookstagram post from that night.

At one point, I distinctly remember looking up from my book and having an almost physical sensation of being dragged back into a loud, harsh reality. The bar had gotten almost intolerably loud, but I hadn’t noticed because I was so deep in my reading. It felt like surfacing in a rushing river. I had never experienced anything like that before and I haven’t since.

I think back to that night a lot. I always knew that reading was an escape of sorts, a way to put reality aside for a time and go off on adventures with snarky assassins or well timed wizards. But that night, I truly escaped into a book. And that is my favorite thing about being a reader.

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    • Oooooh, I hope you enjoy it!! I don’t know if you do audiobooks or not, but I’ve heard the audio is fantastic (full cast!). And I will add your post to the link list later today when I get all the links together. Thanks for joining in!!


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