Friday Favorites: Urban Fantasy

Happy Friday, my dear bookish people! I was looking at the Friday Favorite Prompts for the month of June and I realized that I LOVE all of these prompts so darn much! They hit on a lot of my favorite kind of bookish moments/settings/tropes. I must have subconsciously set it up that way because I kinda hate June (it’s the beginning of me slowly dying of heat) and would need something to keep me happy. So, without further ado, let’s jump into this week’s favorites!

Urban fantasy is both a corner stone of my reading habits and one of the hardest sub-genres for me to find books I love. But the ones that I do love, I love HARD.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher – Harry Dresden is a wizard P.I. in Chicago with a friend group that includes a snarky spirit inhabited skull, a warrior of God, a group of D&D playing werewolves, a polka loving medical examiner, and a hard ass Lieutenant of the Special Investigations unit of Chicago PD. Even though I have a few issues with some of the characterization of the women in these books, I still love them. The Dresden Files balance light hearted snark with some really dark plot lines. This series will have you laughing one minute and sobbing a few pages later. The books later in the series pack some serious emotional punch. And at any certain point there are tons of different fantasy creatures, from fairies to werewolves to vampires and more. If you enjoy audiobooks I recommend reading them in that format because James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy) does the narration and he is GOLD! Well, he is gold after the first few books…it takes him a little bit to really embody the characters.

Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside (The Modern Faerie Tales) by Holly Black – I could go off on a very long personal essay about how much these books, specifically Valiant, mean to me, but I’ll save that for another time. But these books got me through some very rough times in my 20s and I will always have a special spot in my heart for them. There is something dark and glittery and gritty about these that I just love. An omnibus of the three books was recently released and it is beautiful! I can’t wait to get my copy!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – I never really thought of this one as an Urban Fantasy, but it fits the bill. Laini Taylor’s books just always feel like their own sub-genre. Dark, lyrical, and deeply emotional, Daughter of Smoke and Bone pulls no punches.

Well, this list was going to be longer but my terrible next door neighbor has gotten out his electric guitar (at 9pm on a weekday night *rolls eyes*) which is going to drive me crazy, so I need to go hibernate.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Urban Fantasy

  1. I LOVE Dresden Files! Desperately waiting for the next book….

    I know you had to cut your list short, but have you read Mercy Thompson? That’s an excellent urban fantasy series that I adore, about a coyote-shapeshifter who lives next door to the alpha of a werewolf pack who keep having to protect the city from threats.


  2. Oooh myyy! I have seen The Dresden files series such a long time ago I completely forgot there was a book! I am so happy I got to see your post otherwise I’d have been left in my ignorance! I must check it out!


  3. You know, I read a few of the Dresden Files books years ago & stopped for some reason – I think because someone told me it really gets good at book 8. That made me groan & give up. I’m with you on having to be in just the right mood for urban fantasy. I love the Iron Druid Chronicles (kinda the right genre) and Sandman Slim but haven’t gotten around to reading the last SS book with my nose stuck in traditional fantasy!


    • I think some of the big, overarching plots come in around book 8, but I’d fight and say that all the books are good. Not perfect by any means, but entertaining in their own right. What can I say, I like dumb lanky wizard/private investigators ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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