Friday Favorites: Books Set In High School

Happiest of Fridays, my dear bookish friends! Today we are looking at our favorite books set in high school. Look, high school was not the best time for a lot of people, myself included, but some of my favorite books of all time are set in high schools. I’ve got some old school goodies on this list, so I am terribly interested to see if there is any crossover of my list with others participating in FF this week!

Basically all the LJ Smith Books – Have I ever mentioned my love for LJ Smith’s books? *looks back at posting history* Yep, I may have mentioned it a few times. I can’t help it; these books were my bread and butter in my high school years. I read them so many times. SO MANY. The Secret Circle is witches, dark magic, and cliques. The Vampires Diaries is vampires (duh), my OG love triangle, and all the angst. Dark Visions is super powers, evil creepy dude getting shut the F down, and one of my OG bad boy book boyfriends. The Forbidden Game is portal fantasy, overcoming one’s fears, and the introduction of “Byronic cyberpunk” to my list of types I like. These books may not stand up completely to the standards of YA today, but they certainly paved the way.

Of A Demon in my View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – Outcast high school girl who is a secret author of a vampire novel gets to meet the dark and dreamy vampire from her story? YES PLEASE! Everything about this little book hits all the vampire loving parts of my soul. It also gave me one of my favorite bits of vampire mythology: your strength as a vampire is determined by how hard you fight before your death. Like, hell yes, I love that. I’ve been really wanting to do a reread of these books. I’m thinking the autumn will be the right time.

Charlotte Holmes series by Brittany Cavallaro – Well, this is the only entry on this list that was written this decade. I love love love these books. It’s the closest I get contemporary and that’s probably only cause its dark AF. Charlotte Holmes is blunt, brilliant, and badly addicted to drugs and solving mysteries. Jamie Watson is kinda dumb, kinda dependent, and kinda wonderful in weird way. The way the Sherlock Holmes mythos is weaved into these books is nothing short of amazing. Everything about these books is dark and twisty and over the top and I love every single angsty minute of it.

Fingerprints series by Melinda Metz – Rae is a preppy, popular high school girl who has a mental breakdown when she starts hearing voices in her head. Turns out, she can hear your past thoughts through your fingerprints. Like, to this day I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this concept again in any other YA books (though I could be wrong). There are conspiracies and tense chases and some good slow burn romance. Everything that teen me was super into!

Sweep series by Cate Tiernan – Ooooooooh Sweep. These witchy, angsty books gave me ALL THE FEELS before that phrase was even a thing. Another series that I can’t remember how many times I’ve read. We’ve got covens and betrayal and angst and dark magic and soul mates and just everything good in a YA paranormal series.

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