Top Ten Tuesday: Auto Buy Authors

Hello. hello and welcome to Tuesday! The topic for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is Auto Buy Authors! So let’s dive straight into my list of awesome authors that I just can’t say no to.

Jay “I like to murder characters in all sorts of fun ways” Kristoff – I still remember the days when I didn’t want to read Illuminae or Nevernight because I was dumb and didn’t like the covers. And now? I basically have shrines built to all of Kristoff’s books. This damn man knows how to weave one hell of a story in any setting. And some how, I’m always surprised when he reaches into my chest and yanks out my still beating heart.

VE “I’m gonna subvert the F out of everything” Schwab – I wish I could remember exactly where I first heard about A Darker Shade of Magic because I should probably send a darn note of thanks. Schwab immediately and seemingly effortlessly pulled me straight into her magical world and I’ve never wanted to leave. While I’m still working my way through all of her books, I’ve enjoyed every single one I’ve read so far. She has a way of subverting character expectations in basically every way. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.

Brandon “I’m gonna wreck your whole soul” Sanderson – Sanderson seems like such a mild mannered dude, but damn can he murder your favorites faster than you can say “Lord Ruler”. When he isn’t breaking your heart, he is building some of the most fantastic worlds with some of the most fantastic magic systems. Honestly, Allomancy is probably my favorite magic system out there. Oh, and homeboy knows how to snark with the best of them.

Julie “Oh, did I leave you hanging on the cliff?” Kagawa – I’ve actually been reading Kagawa’s books for years. I started with her Blood of Eden series and then the Iron Fey books (all of which I need to reread soon!), but her Shadow of the Fox books have utterly fascinated me recently. They are unlike anything I’ve read before and DAMN THOSE ENDINGS! I am eagerly awaiting the publication of book three.

Pierce “I bring the brutal” Brown – Brown really knows how to gut his readers. Saying the Red Rising series is brutal is a VAST understatement and I can only imagine the kind of pain he’ll bring us Howlers with the next installment, Dark Age. I will say, that I desperately hope that one day he branches out into fantasy. I think he could do some real good damage with some magic and dragons.

Leigh “Queen of Darkness” Bardugo – Look, I have a love/hate relationship the Grishaverse trilogy, but Six of Crows is my one true love. I love the characters and the world and the BANTER! I am absolutely DYING to get my hands on Ninth House. I think Bardugo is gonna shine in the Dark Academia world and I can’t wait to have it in my eyes!

Holly “Faeries are F’d up and I love it” Black – Another author that I’ve been reading for many years. Black’s Modern Faerie Tales helped me through some very rough times in my late teens. I have been thrilled to see her books thriving lately and I’m looking forward to more dark and twisted fae stories.

Well, that’s not ten, but my meal prep is calling and I need to build some salads for my work lunches. Happy reading, y’all!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto Buy Authors

  1. This is an excellent list and I love your descriptions! Schwab and Sanderson are definitely on mine. Kristoff is on my “Must Read this Author!” list, I’ve bought three of his books, now I just need to read them…


  2. Omg, I LOVE this post! I love the descriptions you have for every author and girl, you’re 100% on all fronts. Haha Schwab and Kristoff also made it onto my list. Love all these other authors as well, the only ones I haven’t read are Brown and Kagawa, but hope to remedy that soon.

    My TTT post


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