Friday Favorites: Nerdy Characters

Well, hello there, my dear bookish peoples! It’s Friday! FRIDAY! Which means, among other things, it is time for this week’s Friday Favorites. This week, it’s all about the nerds!

I love a good nerdy character! Over the last few years, nerdy characters have grown beyond pocket protectors and getting stuffed into a locker. Now we have bad ass hacker chicks, bookworm girls that are literally the only reason the chosen one is still alive, and shy cinnamon rolls who can blow stuff up. So, let’s talk about some of my favorite nerdy characters!

Ella Malikova (Gemina & Obsidio) – Ella is on of the most bad ass characters in YA. Ever. She may be bound to a wheelchair and oxygen mask, but that doesn’t stop her from taking down corporation conspiracies and military battle ships. This Little Spider (or Pauchok) is a master of technology and can hack your system before you even know what is happening. Dripping in sarcasm and humor, Ella snarked her way straight into my heart with her banter with Nik in Gemina. Talk about an epic cousin friendship! Ever a realist, Ella tells it how it is, but she has a deep well of caring in her. I mean, she saves her friend’s goldfish in the midst of a wild space station take over. Ella is the best, nerdy friend that I wish I had!

Wylan Van Eck (Six of Crows Duology) – My little cinnamon roll! Wylan is the sweet demolitions expert in The Dregs and his constantly inquiring mind made me love him so much. Well, that and his flirting with Jesper. Wylan is shy and harbors a deep insecurity about his dyslexia. Bardugo crafted him so well, and I’ve always loved that he had so many different aspects to him.

Quentin Coldwater (The Magicians, though, technically, I’m talking about the TV show version of Quentin here) – Quentin isn’t called the Sad Little Nerd King for nothing. A total literature nerd Quentin is completely nerdy for all things Fillory, a fictional but actually real world that is basically an HBO version of Narnia. Quentin is one of those characters who is wicked smart but also, so, so dumb sometimes. But I can’t help but kinda love him (doesn’t hurt that he is portrayed by Jason Ralph who is quite easy on the eyes). If I was at Brakebills University, I would definitely try to be his study buddy.

Steris Harms (Mistborn Era 2) – Oh, my dear sweet Steris. Over thinking, self-deprecating, and prepared for almost anything, Steris is probably one of my favorite characters ever. She is awkward and has a sharply keen mind, but realizes how she is different from others and doesn’t let it bring her down. I admire her for that and maybe I want to be her just a little bit because she gets to get all romantic with my book husband, Waxillium Ladrian.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) – I mean, of course I had to include everyone’s favorite bookworm witch! I 100% think that Harry Potter would never have made it through Hogwarts without the help of our bushy haired nerd. And can we just appreciate that she wanted to take so many classes in her third year at Hogwarts that she got a freaking time travel device from the Professors? Like, come on!

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