Friday Favorites: Autumn Reads

It has been a Week ™ . BUT! There are only a few more days of this dastardly Summer and I AM READY FOR AUTUMN!

It’s been a long time (probably about a year, but let’s keep this dramatic sounding) since I’ve been this excited for a change of season. The end of Summer has not been a good one and I’m just dreaming of cold days where I can wrap myself in blankets and sweaters. And what goes better with sweaters and blankets than books? NOTHING I TELL YOU! Well okay, maybe a mug of tea/coffee/hot cocoa/whiskey. Wait, what? Let’s move on to books!

The Secret Circle series by LJ Smith – This series may start in the summer but the autumn vibes are STRONG in this witchy old school YA novel. I’m actually considering trying to read a bit of it every night before I go to bed (I’m typically anti pre-sleep reading) so I can fit a reread in without feeling too bad about the rest of my looming TBR.

The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones – Okay, technically this one doesn’t come out until 9/24 (FIVE DAYS!) but I was lucky enough to read it early. To say I loved this book is a vast understatement and I feel like this is going to be the book of Autumn for me. There is an endearing undead goat, for heaven’s sake!

The Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan – Another old school YA favorite, this witchy, angsty series is the perfect read for autumn. While the series spans the seasons, the descriptions of New England autumn (and winter) just make me want to drop my California life and move out there.

Any book with a vampire – I have been a hardcore vampire fan since even before they sparkled (how hipster of me) and I will love them until the end of time. I am very excited for The Beautiful coming out this October and I’m hoping it ushers in a new era of YA vampire. But I’ll always love my OG vampire books by LJ Smith, the Nightworld series and The Vampire Diaries series.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Autumn Reads

  1. Most of these definitely look too scary for me but I’m SO excited for The Bone Houses (my copy is on its way to me, yay)! I’m also keen to check out The Beautiful 🙂 Also, as someone who lives on a tropical island I’m really jealous of the changing seasons haha great list!


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