Aurora Burning: Non Spoiler ARC Review

Breathtaking, pulse pounding, and mind altering, Aurora Burning will sear itself on to the souls of Kaufman and Kristoff fans.Rating: 4 Stars This review original appeared on Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy of this ARC for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and not … Continue reading Aurora Burning: Non Spoiler ARC Review

Darkdawn: ARC Review

Darkdawn is a masterful end for this stabby, smutty, snarky, and definitely not YA series. As usual, I’d like to say thank you and fuck you to Jay Kristoff in equal measure.Rating: 5 stars I'd like to specifically thank whatever book god shined down upon me and convinced the good people at St. Martin's Press … Continue reading Darkdawn: ARC Review