The Backlist: Mistborn Era 2

The Era 2 books of the Mistborn series are as close to perfection as one can get to in storytelling. Any Mistborn fans who skip the Era 2 books are depriving themselves of some of the best dry humor, classic Sanderson heartbreaking plot twists, and a cast of fantastically built characters, specifically, the best character … Continue reading The Backlist: Mistborn Era 2

The Backlist: Mistborn Trilogy

A little under a year ago, I found some friends through #bookstagram who all had a desire to read some Brandon Sanderson books. I and one other had read quite a few of his books already and the other two were Sanderson newbies. I dubbed us the Sanderson Sisters and thus my Sanderson reading group … Continue reading The Backlist: Mistborn Trilogy